Продаём Брикеты топливные RUF. До 500 тонн в месяц

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Комментарий от: Hermann Gentner, Август 4, 2021 в 2:28pm

Please send use your offer to. www.holzladen_gentner@web.de

Комментарий от: Hermann Gentner, Август 4, 2021 в 2:25pm

We buy wooden fuels DAP D 94431. Prepayment is possible but only with referenzes in germany.


Комментарий от: Михаил, Март 15, 2014 в 5:07pm

Александр,день добрый!

Как с Вами связаться,куда писать.Наш E-mail:parlandkiev@mail.**

Ждем ответа.

Комментарий от: Oleg Nikolaevich, Март 10, 2012 в 2:41pm

We have RUF. Please, wrote me at Skype - dave-progect666

Комментарий от: Aleksandra Mazur, Январь 30, 2012 в 5:41pm

Dear Sir,

                We are a Pure energy Company from Szczecin (Poland)and I would like to ask about briquette ruf which you have got already on sale. We are able  to buy all your production per month  which can be of course less.

We are interested in long term business relation with your factory. Our company would like to buy from you briquette ruf only hermetically and neat pack and of course must have standard comparable to a DIN + certificate norms. The proposed concept of payment is delivery duty unpaid but we are open and able to negotiate liabilities form. Also before we place an order we ask you to send a sample  ( 2-3 )for as to check the packaging, we can pay for it if is needed. It would be even more good if they will be from a few different production lines.

If you are interested in our trading offer please send as yours with prices and waiting time for your delivery.

Your fightfully Aleksandra Mazur